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Orion Treatment Consulting is a team of industry professionals who specialize in Addiction Treatment Consulting. Most importantly our consultants have opened their own programs and have worked in the industry for decades.

We have joined forces to make your experience with addiction treatment less stressful and more successful.

Addiction Treatment Consulting

Though our services focus on providing business-related support for addiction treatment programs, we aren’t afraid to seek solutions outside the box. We have relationships with a broad array of providers and consultants throughout the United States. Above all our mission is to provide you with the tools and guidance to succeed in your organizations goals.

We know how overwhelming it can be to start any business. Our team specializes in supporting your vision and streamlining the process.  Additionally, the journey to get your treatment facility up and running can be very complicated and daunting despite the best of efforts. Let our team manage the manage the difficult parts while you focus on helping the clients.

Why Hire a Rehab Consultant?

Drug and alcohol treatment centers, mental health treatment centers, and other behavioral health organizations are highly sought after businesses currently.  Our team has come together to help bring your vision to life. Not only do we handle the mundane tasks of startup, but we also help train your organization in evidence-based, best practices. If you are asking, Why Hire a Rehab Consultant? Call us today for a free consultation.

In addition to startup treatment center consulting, we can help analyze and create a plan to restructure, grow, or sell your existing organization. Our team has managed many restructuring, mergers, sales and other treatment processes. First we will create a business plan and strategy. Next we will leverage our industry knowledge, understanding, and relationships to build your program.  Finally, we will teach you how to manage and operate your facility.

We provide our vast network of professional resources so no matter what you face, you can rely on us for solutions and peace of mind. Furthermore, we can strategically build your professional network while building your brand. Instead of wasting time and money on resources that don’t produce results, hire folks that can get the job done.

We Wish to See New Programs Exceed Standards

Addiction medicine is different from any business. Unless you’ve been through it, you’re likely to encounter many unexpected pitfalls because it’s constantly changing and evolving.

From feasibility studies to business plans, organizational restructuring or strategic processes we understand the behavioral health treatment industry. Call us today for a free consultation.

With several decades of experience, Orion Treatment Consultants have witnessed and experienced many of the successes and pitfalls of the behavioral health industry. We emphatically wish to see new programs succeed and exceed far beyond the minimal care required to bill insurance. If you are looking to start a behavioral health facility, call Orion Treatment Consulting today for a free consultation to discuss your project.

Addiction Treatment Consultants

Treatment Startup

Thinking of opening a substance use disorder or mental health program? Let our team of experts take your ideas from start to finish.

Business Plan for Treatment Center

If you are thinking of starting a mental health or addiction treatment program, the first step is to create a robust business plan that outlines the entire process and undertaking. Call our team today for a free consultation.

Addiction Treatment Licensing

Struggling with licensing related issues at your rehab? Call Orion Treatment Consulting for a free consultation regarding how we can create and implement high-quality licensing and compliance systems in your center today.

Collectively over 30 years of Recovery Expertise, 200+ Facilities Toured Annually, More than 50 Recovery Centers opened to date… and counting.

Start a Rehab

Addiction Treatment

Our team has extensive experience creating various types of addiction treatment programs from the ground up. At Orion Treatment Consulting, we have a passion for building addiction treatment facilities and share your enthusiasm for its success.

Addiction Program Development & Consulting

Once your program is up and running, it can be easy to let both big and small things slip through the cracks. Orion Treatment Consulting can help provide an operational assessment to evaluate where the strengths and weaknesses of your program lie.


Some of the most important aspects of a successful treatment facility include a strong brand identity and marketing strategy. Our team can help you identify the best brand for your business to maintain a lifelong name for itself.

Licensing and Accreditation

One of the most difficult steps to launching an addiction treatment program begins with licensing and accreditation. Our team has experience licensing and accrediting facilities at various levels of care including but not limited to residential

Just Ask Our Clients…

“After my son found recovery I started exploring how I could be part of the solution to this devastating problem. Cody and his team at Orion Treatment Consulting took me from ideas to reality. Their process included every step of the journey. I couldn’t have found a better team to help build my vision. – Jeff C

“After we started our outpatient center we realized we needed a lot more support than we initially had expected. Cody and his team graciously came to us and supported us in navigating that difficult first year of the start-up.” – James C

“I remember feeling hopeless as I watched my husband’s alcohol and marijuana abuse spiral out of control. After his many attempts to quit failed, things got really bad and I was on the verge of leaving. My husband made the phone call to Cody that night and it became the turning point. He got treatment and support, and now the rest is history. I think of that call as one of the most impactful decisions of our lives. It has changed our family’s future and I’m so grateful.” -Marie W.

“The team at Orion Treatment Consulting helped resolve a number of complex issues that my organization was dealing with. I would recommend Orion Treatment Consulting to anyone who needs technical expertise in the behavioral health industry.” – Jean T

“In a time of crisis Cody developed a treatment plan for me that targeted my issues with addiction.  Now, four years later, I am living a sober life beyond my wildest dreams.  I am forever grateful for the help and personalized care that Cody has given me to achieve the goal of lasting sobriety.” -Ben R.

“When our compliance officer had to take a leave of absence, I didn’t know how we would complete our state license renewal. A friend recommended I call Cody and his team. I am so glad that I made that call. In a clear and concise manner Cody and his team came in and finished our licensure process with no interruptions to our business, and at a cost that made it easy to afford. I would recommend Orion Treatment Consulting to anyone and everyone who finds themselves in this position. They really saved the day.”  -John R, Treatment Owner and CEO

Find out more about what we can do for YOU today.

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